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C.W Seiberling

(1913 - 1923)

CharlesWillard Seiberling Family


C.W. Seiberling and Family on the Front Porch of Tri Acres Mansion,1915

Mr. Seiberling (1861-1946), the third child of John Frederick and Catherine Miller Seiberling, was the Vice President and co-founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.  He was affectionately known as the “Heart of Goodyear,” and he was well known for his many civic interests, including the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Akron. 

Charlie possessed lifelong interests in education, health services, the welfare of children, and the needs of the underprivileged.  He married Blanche Carnahan of Findlay (1873-1932) in 1895, and they had four children: Charles W. Jr., Theophilus Karnaghan (“T.K.”), Lucius Miles, and Catherine Miller.   He was the younger brother of Frank A. Seiberling, who built Stan Hywet at the same time.   They shared some of the same craftsmen brought in from Europe. 

C.W. Seiberling’s mansion was the second largest mansion in Akron at the time, behind Stan Hywet.  He lived in Tri-Acres until 1922, when he sold it to Michael O’ Neal.  He then decided to relocate farther out in the country, purchasing an old dairy farm property in Northfield.  He commissioned the Akron architectural firm Good & Wagner to design his new home.  It was completed in 1924 in the rural-French style, and known as Old Acres.   He died unexpectedly in his sleep in 1946 at age 85. He is buried at Macedonia Cemetery, alongside his wife Blanche, his son Charles Jr., and his son Theophilus.

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