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(1953 - 1993)

The Unity Church

The property was purchased from the monks and used as a church until 1993.  As seen in this photo, the church replaced the original paired entry doors, originally recessed, in 1960.  The Warther Family has since restored the doors to their original position, exposing the original front porch area.     

Other alterations other than the front door have been a barely discernable addition to the east wing (date unknown), and a brick infill of a portion of the one-story “garden room” on the west wing, and the removal of a fountain at the rear of the room.  The Warther Family has also restored the garden room to closely resemble its original condition, including the beautiful original marble floor.                                                        

Much of the original woodwork which had been painted has been restored.  While removing a parking lot added by the church and restoring the lawn area, the fountain was discovered to have been back-filled with gravel and covered by the parking lot which was removed.  The fountain and pond have since been restored, and are now home to beautiful Koi fish.

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